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Experience is believed to act as a treasure which leads to the creation of a trust and error correction. With a long-term technical history, our company takes pride in having various and valuable experience to provide standard automobile parts. This experience makes us universally known for being quality concerned. Providing top quality products is not of such a great value to automobile makers unless they are filtered through the standardization process by which the products are guaranteed to have the appropriate efficiency,and that’s why T.K.P came to exist to make this true. Thanks to imposed sanctions, and to make our production knowledge independent, the most talented were oriented toward domestication and top brand duplication. Meanwhile, some Southeast Asian countries (e.g., Korea, China. Taiwan) were invited for cooperation and some successful European manufacturers ( including Germany, Poland and Spain) were also asked to resume targeted consultation so as to obviate the needs for automobile industry.

T.K.P bears a striking resemblance to a statue, the all parts of which are in perfect harmony. It is widely accepted that a member in a group demonstrates the group identity, nevertheless, the group has not only one person to thank for, but the entire group needs to have essential skills and capabilities for being the best. The T.K.P technical group is encouraged to hire experienced and smart members with related expertise and academic degrees, such as Manufacturing Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Materials Science, Electronics and Mechanics. Mastering in administrative and industrial management and with the aim of strengthening the group to gain a customer-oriented success, the managerial group tries to market the initiatives regarding profitable trade.

Possessing subtle and precise skills and capabilities, the administration team puts the initiatives into practice and properly implements the ideas. In this stage are the high quality products manufactured. For the time being, however, some conditions and facilities are required to manufacture advanced electronic automobile parts and highly sensitive injection accessories. Some countries such as Germany and Japan are considered to be pioneers in innovating and introducing new related ideas, due to their brilliant and long-term experience. We should make it possible for the industry not to take the least risk in this technical field through duplication. To prevent the least harm to the quality of such crucial parts, such as the injection accessories, fueling parts, hydraulics and ABS brake systems, electronic sensors as well as automobile air conditioning systems, are imported. Despite their demonstrated value, these quality parts are cautiously filtered by T.K.P quality control department. To cut it short, the parts are strictly filtered to make sure they are at customers’ disposal without any defect.